New Recipe Drop: British Classics & Plant-Based Power 🇬🇧🌱

Are you ready?! A new batch of recipes has just been uploaded to Strongr Fastr. While we added a wide range of new recipes for each diet type, our latest recipe drop prioritizes two categories: British classics and plant-based dishes. Whether you’re a meat-lover craving comfort food or seeking fresh vegetarian or vegan inspiration, we’ve got something to make mealtime exciting.

👑 Spotlight: British Classics 👑

Some of our users from across the pond reached out and asked if we could add some more classic British dishes along with regional specialties, so that’s just what we’ve done! We’ve added some of the UK’s most beloved dishes, keeping the authentic flavors while making them fit your macro goals.

Cottage Pie: Comfort food at its finest! Flavorful beef topped with a creamy mashed potato crust

Fish & Chips: A crispy, golden favorite – made healthier but still oh-so-satisfying.

Coronation Chicken Sandwich: Elevate lunchtime with this flavorful, curry-infused chicken salad.

Scouse Stew: A hearty stew packed with tender beef and warming spices – a Liverpool specialty. Shoutout to all of our Scousers! ⚽

  • Bubble & Squeak: Named after the sound it makes while frying, this classic British breakfast dish is made from leftover vegetables.

Roast Dinner: A Sunday classic! Juicy roast, fluffy Yorkshire puddings, and the savory sides. (Psst psst… this is a secret recipe. 🤫 While it’s a bit too labor-intensive to be automatically added to meal plans, you can always search for it to swap it in).

And that’s just the start! Discover more British gems like Fish Pie, Kedgeree, Lancashire Beef Hot Pot and more.

🥦 Spotlight: Plant-Based Powerhouse 🥦

Fuel your goals with the power of plants! Our other priority in this drop was adding a bunch of plant-based recipes. We know you care about hitting those protein goals, so, as always, these recipes are packed with plant-protein goodness. We got you covered.

Mustardy Lemony Chickpea Soup: Light, refreshing, and loaded with bright flavors.

Cajun Tofu: Bold, spicy, and perfect for meal prep – protein done right.

Broccoli & Hummus Flatbread: A flatbread pizza topped high with nutritious greens.

Green Mac n Cheese: A comforting classic with a healthy, vibrant twist!

Tofu Palak Curry: Creamy, aromatic, and packed with protein and immune-boosting spinach.

Vegan Almond Butter Brownies: Indulge with these rich and fudgy treats. Gluten-free too!

…And the deliciousness continues! Explore Chickpea Stuffed Avocados, Vegan Sausage & Guac Sandwich, Waldorf Chickpea Salad, and more surprises.

Ready to Explore?

Log into your account and check out all these new dishes. Start planning those menus!

P.S. What flavors or cuisines should we tackle next? Contact us and let us know!

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