Turkey burritos
Turkey burritos
710 cals, 39p, 52c, 35f (per meal)
  • ,
  • Whole kernel corn, drained
    1 can (~16 oz) (298g)
  • Onion, diced
    1/2 small (35g)
  • Sour cream
    16 oz (454g)
  • Mexican blend cheese
    3/4 cup shredded (84g)
  • Tortillas
    6 tortilla (approx 10" dia) (432g)
  • Ground turkey, raw
    1 1/2 lb (680g)
  • Hot tomato sauce
    14 oz (383mL)
  • Refried beans
    1 can (~16 oz) (444g)
  • 1
    In a large skillet over medium high heat, brown ground turkey. Stir in tomato sauce, corn and onion. Reduce heat to medium and let simmer, stirring occasionally, until liquids reduce (about 20 minutes).
    In a separate medium skillet, heat beans over medium-low heat. Prepare sour cream and cheese for sprinkling into burritos. One by one, heat tortillas over stove burner for 1 to 2 minutes, flipping a few times. Top with beans, then meat mixture, then sour cream and cheese. Fold over and serve while still warm.
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