Nutrition AI: Meal Planner & Generator

This nutrition AI & meal plan maker will generate a customizable meal plan personalized to you with the click of a button. The nutrition AI also allows you to log your foods as you go, guiding you to hit the personalized macronutrient goals it sets for you each day. The AI is smart enough to keep your diet optimized and on the rails but flexible enough to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

To create your plan, simply fill in your profile and click the generate button. The meal plan builder AI will then automatically generate a diet plan for you that fits your nutrition goals and other preferences. And once you have your plan you'll be able to personalize it further by randomizing and swapping meals, while the AI ensures that you're still eating exactly what you need to be for your fitness, nutrition, and health goals.

Lose weight, build muscle, improve general health, and look and feel better with Strongr Fastr's Nutrition AI. Just edit your profile to match your specific goals/preferences and then click 'Generate Plan' (or 'Regenerate').

To use this tool with your clients please check out Strongr Fastr's meal planning software for fitness professionals.

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Or checkout our premade weekly meal plans.
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