Meal Details
Clam chowder
1. Clam chowder
545 cals, 18p, 38c, 33f (per meal)
  • ,
  • Canned clam chowder
    6 can (18.5 oz) (3114g)
  • Recipe has been scaled from original by 6x. Adjust cook times and pan sizes accordingly.
    Prepare according to instructions on package.
    Cranberry spinach salad
    2. Cranberry spinach salad
    190 cals, 3p, 14c, 12f (per meal)
  • Dried cranberries
    1/3 cup (53g)
  • Walnuts
    1/3 cup, chopped (39g)
  • Fresh spinach
    1 package (~6 oz) (170g)
  • Raspberry walnut vinaigrette
    1/3 cup (80mL)
  • Romano cheese, finely shredded
    1 tbsp (6g)
  • 1
    Mix ingredients in a bowl and serve.
    For leftovers you can simply mix all the ingredients in advance and store in a tupperware in the fridge and then just serve and dress each time you eat.
    Roasted almonds
    3. Roasted almonds
    275 cals, 10p, 4c, 22f (per meal)
  • ,
  • Almonds
    5 tbsp, whole (45g)
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