How to Incorporate Meal Delivery Kits into Your Meal Plan

Meal delivery kits are a great way to add some variety and ease into your diet, but having them for every meal quickly gets expensive. With Strongr Fastr, you can build meal plans around these meal kit options and still have everything meet your macros in the end. Here’s how to do it:

What you need: The nutrition facts for the meal kit(s). We’ll use this stir fry meal kit for our example:

How to do it:

Note: We recommend doing this as one of the first steps when creating a new meal plan as you will want these in place before editing other parts of the plan.

Video Walkthrough:

  1. Create a custom recipe and just name it (if you need help getting to this screen, see here for our tutorial on creating custom recipes). It should look something like this:

2. Click “Add Ingredients” and add a custom ingredient that represents the entire kit. (You can add a custom ingredient by going to “Add Ingredients” > My Foods > “+ New Food”- see here) Since you already have the nutrition facts and will not need to grocery shop for them, you don’t need to add every ingredient– just the nutrition facts of one whole serving. (Note 1: ignore the Serving Info section. Note 2: if you choose to put in all 3 macros, the calories are automatically calculated based upon the macros you put in. If they differ from the nutrition facts, it’s likely a small difference due to either rounding or differences in how brands account for calories from fiber.)

3. Click “Save” and then “+” to add the custom ingredient to the custom recipe. The custom recipe should look like this now:

4. Finish the rest of the form by adding a picture and any other information. Click “Confirm” to save.

5. Swap the meal kit into your meal plan. See here if you need help.

6. IMPORTANT: During or after you swap the custom recipe into your meal plan, you will need to click on the meal to check that the serving size is equal to 1. The app automatically adjusts serving sizes to better meet your nutrition goals, but since that doesn’t make sense in this context, make sure it is set to 1 serving. You can also delete any automatically-added side dishes at this point. This step is likely to give you an error that you are missing your macro targets, but we will address that in the next step.

7. Once all meal kits are swapped in and the portions and sides are set up, you can now customize the rest of the plan by swapping other meals or pinning the meal kit meals in place and regenerating around them. Pinning/Regenerating is especially helpful if the meal plan no longer meets your macro targets. In the end your meal kit will look like this in your plan and the meal plan can still hit your goals.

Now your plan is set up with a meal kit and it still hits your macros!

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