Redesign: Major Changes and New Features

Things are looking a bit different on Strongr Fastr since our major redesign (link to article) went live.

2 New Meal Plan Views

Day View: view each day’s meals. “Monday’s meals areā€¦”
Meal View: just view the meals by type. “I’m having 2 different breakfasts this week”

Off-Plan Meals, Pin & Regenerate, Add People Moved

Access them all from the same button. Learn Our New Recommended Flow here (link).

New Way to View Your Family’s Portions

Now you can view each person’s portions on the recipe itself and on the today page.

Icons To Know When You Hit Your Goals

Now when you complete your goals each day icons will light up to celebrate your victories.

Log Off-Plan Foods Moved

Scroll all you want and still be able to log. Just click the + button.

New Search Categories

Only feeling like sandwiches for lunch this week? Find all the sandwiches that hit your macros.

5X Faster Performance

We’ve increased the speed of the app five fold. Less time planning, more time doing.

New Recipes

We’re celebrating the launch with adding a bunch of new recipes. Follow us on IG to be notified of new recipe drops.

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