Recommended Meal Planning Flow

This is the general order of steps we recommend following for the smoothest experience customizing your meal plan.

  1. Add off-plan meals. Any plans to eat at restaurants out this week? Let the app know so it can plan around it. For off-plan meals, it will show you what macros you should try to shoot for so that you can still hit your goals.
  2. Swap in your favorite/custom recipes. Favorite recipes from our database or create custom recipes and swap them in where you want them. Lock them in place if you want them every week.
  3. Swap in anything specific you want. Know you want salads for lunch this week? Swap them in now. By default, the app will ensure that the options fit your macros (or warn you if they don’t).
  4. Pin & regenerate around custom/favorite meals. You can pin the meals you want to keep and regenerate the rest until you have something you like. The app will look for and automatically fill in random meals that fit your macros.
  5. Add people. Once you’re happy with the meals, add in anyone that will be joining you. Your recipes/grocery list will update to include their portions.
  6. Grocery shop, eat, progress 💪. Done! Time to grocery shop, log what you eat and how much you weigh, and transform. Remember to check out your analytics in the menu to see how your body changes over time.

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