Why Unflavored Protein Powder Is Better Than Flavored


Unflavored protein powder is the better choice over flavored protein powders. It offers many benefits that flavored protein powder does not. This article will describe many of those benefits.

Higher Protein Percentage

One of the most critical benefits of unflavored protein powder over flavored is the amount of protein. Unflavored protein powder contains more protein thanflavored protein powder which means the protein percentage is higher. For example, whey concentrate without any flavoring is approximately 80% protein. Which means out of 100 grams of whey protein powder, 80 grams would be protein. But that is pure powder, without anything added. When a supplement company wants to make their protein powders taste like a milkshake such as vanilla or chocolate, other ingredients and components are added. When these non-protein ingredients are added, protein powder must be removed. For example, typically, it takes about 30 grams of cocoa powder per 1 pound of whey protein to create a good chocolate flavor. Therefore the supplement companies need to remove 30 grams of whey protein powder per pound to make room for the cocoa. For the consumer, it means they are paying for flavoring and not protein powder.

To flavor a protein powder the ingredients added are natural and artificial flavors and sweeteners. Typically these chocolate and vanilla flavored protein powders will be approximately 10 to 30 percent lower in protein than unflavored protein powders. For example, if a plain whey protein powder has 30 grams of protein per serving, that same whey protein powder that is flavored chocolate will only have 25 grams of protein. To make matters worse, the overall amino acid content will be lower in flavored protein powders.

No Artificial Ingredients

Unflavored protein powder does not contain artificial ingredients. Artificial ingredients can possibly be dangerous to a person’s health. Artificial colors like Red 40, Yellow 5, and Blue 6, have been found to cause many health problems. These synthetic colors are banned in Europe, but for some reason, these dangerous ingredients are allowed to be consumed in the United States. Flavored protein powders like chocolate chip mint, cake batter, red velvet cake, banana, and strawberry, most of the time, will contain artificial colors.

Most protein powders that are flavored contain artificial ingredients. Supplement companies will add artificial ingredients because a lesser amount is needed for the consumer to taste the flavor. Artificial ingredients are typically stronger than natural ingredients; therefore, less is required, which keeps the protein percentage higher.

Unflavored protein powders do not contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners include, sucralose, acesulfame K, and aspartame. Most of the protein powders that are artificially sweetened today contain a combination of sucralose and acesulfame K. These two sweeteners can cause health problems according to some nutritional experts.

Unflavored Protein Powders Are Easy To Flavor

The big advantage plain protein powders have or flavored is that they are easy to flavor and more versatile. When you buy an unflavored protein powder one’s options are wide open to flavor it however they wish. Flavored protein powders restrict their users to certain types of flavoring.

Get Off The Sweets

Plain protein powders train one to get used to not drinking sweets every time they have a protein drink. Protein drinks are supposed to be healthy for a person that uses it. There is nothing healthy about sweets and sugar. Sugar does not have any health benefits to it. By training the body to no drink sweet things, it will lead to overall better health and a leaner more muscular physique.

In conclusion, unflavored protein powders are the best choice when it comes to purchasing them. They are more beneficial to the consumer’s health and does not subject the user to harmful artificial sweeteners. Most importantly, when you buy an unflavored protein powder one is paying for 100% protein powder and not paying for flavoring.

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